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  • Hand on Walmart shopping cart

    Walmart Is Ignoring Inflation This Year For Its Easter Meal Kit

    Crystal Antonace

    Thanks to consistent inflation, food costs remain exceptionally high. For Easter, one grocery chain is keeping its prices low despite the uptick.

  • In-N-Out burgers and animal fries on tray

    What You Should Consider The Next Time You Try A Menu Hack

    Elaina Friedman

    Ordering an off-the-menu item is a cool feeling. It gives secret password vibes and can save you money. Unfortunately, menu hacks are not as cool for workers.

  • Julia Child smiling in black and white

    Try These Julia Child-Inspired Tips For A Better Sandwich

    Elaina Friedman

    If you’re bored of the same old lunchtime routine, you might want to give these Julia Child-inspired tips a try for a more memorable sandwich.

  • Cheeseboard with cheeses

    The Two Types Of Cheese That Are Blue Zone-Approved

    Jennifer Sweenie

    Most food that makes up the Blue Zone diet is plant-based, but they make space for dairy. Specifically, these two types of cheeses are acceptable to eat.

  • Kroger bakery

    Is Kroger Open On Easter Sunday 2023?

    Brianna Corley

    Kroger will be open on Easter Sunday, but don’t sigh a breath of relief just yet. The chain will be operating on reduced hours to give its employees a break.

  • individual mac and cheese bowls

    TikTok Can’t Stop Making Chick-Fil-A Spicy Mac And Cheese Bowls

    Lauren Wood

    In a bowl, combine your crispy nuggets, waffle fries, and a side order of mac and cheese. Drizzle on Chick-fil-A and Zesty Buffalo sauces, shake, and enjoy.

  • Margarita garnished with lime

    The Sweet Ingredient That Makes A ‘Tommy’s Margarita’ Unique

    Natasha Brooks

    A margarita can be a party-starting drink but also delectable, fresh, and full-flavored. The Tommy’s Margarita is enjoyed for its simple perfection.

  • Margaritas on a tray

    The Strange Legend Behind Why Margarita Glasses Have Their Shape

    Angel Albring

    The reasoning behind various cocktail glasses’ shapes is widely known in the bar industry. But there’s one specific glass that’s shrouded in mystery.

  • Slices of bologna

    Is Bologna Really Just A Flat Hot Dog?

    Chase Shustack

    It’s an age-old debate. Are hot dogs and bologna basically the same exact thing, just in different shapes? Discover what does or doesn’t separate the two.

  • Mules in copper mugs

    What Bartenders Want You To Remember When Ordering A Mule

    Julia Mullaney

    People think of a Moscow Mule when they think of the ginger beer and lime beverage. Next time you order this drink, remember that not all mules are Moscows.

  • person using hand sanitizer

    Hand Sanitizing Is Not Effective For Cooking Safety. Here’s Why

    Nick Johnson

    Hand sanitizing, while undeniably an effective way to kill germs, cannot be used in lieu of handwashing when you’re cooking for several important reasons.

  • raw puff pastry dough on board

    You’re Only Ever 20 Minutes Away From Leftover Puff Pastry Pizza

    Carly Weaver

    Puff pastries are increasingly popular for more than just sweet cheese and fruits. Savory recipes are plentiful, like an easy and delicious puff pastry pizza.

  • Brownies with cherries and cream cheese

    The Brownie Mix Add-Ins For Cherry Cordial-Flavored Treats

    Crystal Antonace

    Apart from the classic additions of mint or peanut butter, what ingredients do you need to add to boxed brownie mix for a chocolate-covered cherry flavor?

  • tray of assorted bagels

    13 Eccentric Bagel Flavors You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

    Riley Runnells

    You’ve probably eaten a bagel with cream cheese, but have you had a Doritos bagel? How about a tie dye one? These are just a few eccentric items you can taste.

  • robot arm and cupcake

    The Internet Is Loving This AI-Generated Food Trend

    Alexis Montoya

    The internet is obsessed with the uncanny valley of artificial intelligence (AI) content. The latest online food trend leans on AI to visually interpret food.

  • Bowl of mashed potatoes

    You Should Really Be Adding Crab Fat To Your Mashed Potatoes

    Chase Shustack

    An advantage of potatoes is their receptivity to added flavors. One thing you may not have thought about is adding crab fat, and here’s why you should try it.

  • Bread in a bread box

    The Vital Feature To Check For Before Buying A Bread Box

    David Tran

    If you love baking bread at home and wondering what the best way to store it is, you should try buying a bread box. But there’s one feature you need to know.

  • Carla Hall

    Carla Hall’s Go-To Vegan Protein Is A Supermarket Staple

    Haldan Kirsch

    Chef Carla Hall might not identify as a vegan, but she’s not one to shy away from plant-based foods either. This is her favorite vegan protein source.

  • Whipped cream

    The Pudding Mix Trick For Stable, Sweet Flavored Whipped Cream

    Haldan Kirsch

    If you’re trying to make your own whipped cream from scratch, getting the right texture can be difficult. Here’s a tip to achieve the perfect whipped cream.

  • Caramelized onions in a frying pan

    For Faster-Browning Onions, Baking Soda Is The Key

    Haldan Kirsch

    It may seem like caramelized onions aren’t an option if you’re in a hurry, but there’s a simple trick that can help. All you need is a pinch of baking soda.

  • masala chai

    The Proper Milk You Should Be Using When Making Chai

    Haldan Kirsch

    If you’ve ever wanted to make your own chai, you’ve likely come across countless explanations. One of the most important things to get right is the proper milk.

  • Chef's santoku paring bread utility

    8 Celebrity Chef-Brand Knives That Are Actually Worth Buying

    Dora Nuss-Warren

    Whether you’re a casual cook or an expert in the kitchen, you should have a good set of knives. Here are the best celebrity chef-brand knives to consider!

  • dishes in a dishwasher

    Should You Be Boiling Your Wooden Spoons To Clean Them?

    Angel Albring

    Here’s how you should take care of your wooden kitchen tools and utensils — and it’s not with a dishwasher!

  • Chocolate rice cakes with sliced bananas

    TikTok Wants You To Put ‘Clothing’ On Your Rice Cake. What Does That Mean?

    Andra Picincu

    How do you like your rice cakes? As it turns out, this crunchy treat tastes amazing with peanut butter and chocolate, and people are going crazy over it.

  • cooked pizza on cutting board

    Simple Classic Pizza Crust Recipe

    Erin Johnson

    Customize your own homemade pizza with this versatile and classic pizza crust recipe.

  • hand dipping fries in sauce

    Fry Sauce Has Been Around A Lot Longer Than You Think

    Nico Danilovich

    Mayo was invented in 1756, but ketchup only came along later in 1812. Even so, modern fry sauce has been around a lot longer than you may think.

  • Table of tomato dishes

    How To Bring Out The Flavor In Out-Of-Season Tomatoes

    Julia Mullaney

    Fresh tomatoes can make or break certain dishes, but when they are out of season, is there a good way to use them? Extract the flavor out with one ingredient.

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