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What’s great about this buttermilk-free recipe is that it uses ingredients already in your pantry and refrigerator. To perfect this classic, make sure your melted butter is cooled (ideally to room temperature) before mixing it with the other wet ingredients (also ideally at room temp). Another thing: To prevent your batter from turning purple, fold blueberries gently into the batter and avoid overmixing. If you want, top these muffins with turbinado sugar—a light brown, large-crystal sugar that’s less processed (that is, better for you) than more highly refined white and brown sugars.

Use this muffin recipe as a blank canvas to experiment with your own flavors: add lemon zest to the batter for brightness, top with a sugary-cinnamon crumb mixture, or swap the blueberries for chocolate chips. Then again, this recipe is classic for good reason, so why tinker with perfection?

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