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Who doesn’t love muffins? Muffins have become a favorite breakfast item, snack, and coffee pal across America. There are endless possibilities of ingredients that can be used. They can be incredibly different, from bran muffins to double chocolate chip!

I had just started to get into baking when I knew I wanted to make muffins from scratch. I have always been more of a cook than a baker. One morning, I really wanted a muffin and decided to make them from scratch! I looked up a few recipes and found a basic one that I tweaked to fit my tastes.

Once I got started, it was easy to come up with ideas of new ingredients to use. This Carrot Ginger muffin recipe has become a favorite of many who have tried my muffins. It is sweet and savory, moist and tasty. Try making them in a mini muffin tin to share with friends! It makes a perfect potluck or brunch item to share!

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