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When you boil eggs ahead of time, it’s easy to create a lickety-split and delightful lunchtime egg salad. And using the flavorful leafy carrot tops in it is like getting herbs for free., January 2021




If you can’t find carrots with tops, use ½ tsp. dried dill or 1 minced fresh scallion in place of the carrot leaves in Step 2.

To reduce saturated fat, use a combination of 1 large hard-boiled egg and the whites from 2 large hard-boiled eggs. Reserve the cooked egg yolks for another purpose, such as topping a green salad.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size:

1 English muffin + ½ cup egg salad + 2 carrots

Per Serving:

497 calories; fat 30g; cholesterol 381mg; sodium 548mg; carbohydrates 37g; dietary fiber 7g; protein 20g; sugars 10g; saturated fat 6g.

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