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How many calories in your favourite Easter Eggs and how long it’ll take to burn them off!

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We’ve rounded up ten of Australia’s popular eggs and choccy treats to help guide your choices this weekend.

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Homemade marshmallow Easter eggs – just 53 calories!

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WOW! 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member Eleanor Hannah has been cooking up a storm in preparation for Easter. Eleanor says, “From my experience over the last 4 years I have…

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Julia knew The Healthy Mummy was the perfect tool to help her get back on track!

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Julia Meadows has been a part of The Healthy Mummy community for years and has had amazing results using the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, so when she saw some…

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12 Week Challenge: Final weight, measurements and photos

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For your chance to win $1,000, share with us your before and after weight and measurements from the 12 Week Challenge!

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How to get the most out of The Healthy Mummy App when starting the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

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Our Meal Prep Queen Sascha takes you through how to get the most of the Healthy Mummy App when starting the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

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5 healthy chocolate recipes for Easter under 250 calories

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With Easter coming up we wanted to let you know that there is absolutely NO reason for you to miss out on chocolate just because you are trying to lose weight.…

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How to start a weight loss journey on a super tight BUDGET

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Weight loss is achievable on a tight budget!Just ask these amazing mammas, who have all been able to do just that!

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How to customise to different meal plans in the Healthy Mummy app

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As part of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, not only do the challenge themes change each month, you also get access to different meal plans types. Here’s how to customise in the Healthy Mummy App.

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10 ways to stick to your healthy eating plan this EASTER

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Easter is around the corner and this means supermarket aisles bulging with sugar-laced chocolate eggs. The good news is, you can STILL ENJOY Easter.

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Healthy Easter Biscoff Weetbix Slice

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This is an incredible recipe from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge that is perfect for Easter and one that you can enjoy all year round!

Read MoreJess with Tonik Bars

Just Landed! It’s love at first bite with NEW Plant-Based Tonik Bars!

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Check out our newest addition to our plant-based product range plus how to make your meal plan plant-based and more!

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6 motivation tips to get you started on your healthy eating plan

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If you’re trying to get inspired to start your new healthy eating plan, you’re not alone. We have been hearing from lots of mums who want to lose pregnancy weight and…

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