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What could be described as:

A Warm, sweet, personal dessert disguised as breakfast food?

-Or- Baked goods masquerading as healthier and more virtuous than cupcakes?

Gotta be Muffins!

I chose to feature the Orange Chocolate Chip variation of the ‘Nuffin But the Muffin’ recipe here because it brings back fond memories of a family vacation with Disney.  We took the kids to a character breakfast show at Fort Wilderness and of course it was great fun, kazoos and Orange Chocolate Chip Muffins included.  In fact my then 2 year old daughter thought the word breakfast meant  ‘party’ after that and somehow a bowl of Cherios didn’t adequately  express the joy of breakfast the rest of the trip.  So the smell of these fresh from the oven remind me of happy times.

You will note that here and on the recipe page I give instructions for hand mixing.  While you can use an electric mixer, you will most likely get your best results with just a bowl and a wooden  spoon.  There is a simple trick to tender muffins:  Don’t over-mix the batter.  Just mix the ingredients till combined.  That’s  how you get crumb-tender muffins.

The ‘Nuffin But the Muffin Recipe’ is a basic recipe with a few variations (including the Orange Chocolate Chip) to get you started.  I hope you will love  (like I do) using the Muffin and Quick Bread Mix-up to stir up your own family faves in no time.

The Nuffin But the Muffin Recipe can be found here.

The Recipe for the Muffin and Quick Bread Mix-up is here.

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