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I would rate this much higher IF whoever posted this recipe remembered that this was originally a SOUTHERN LOUISIANA concoction (Thank me for making my NOLA heritage proud!). The reason you guys are overly sweetened is because you’re missing a key ingredient – Pecans! Half a cup to a cup of pecans (pieces or chopped) mixed into the bottom layer, it adds just a little saltiness and texture and cuts the sweetness just enough. I’ve tried experimenting with this recipe over the years, chocolate chips, lemon, pumpkin, devils food cake…they all turned out well and are liked, but the original (“SOUTHERN PECAN GOOEY BUTTERCAKE”, not ooey gooey) recipe is by far the best- Whats always been so cool about this treat is that most of the ingredients are usually in my house already so I can whip um up whenever someone has a craving or give them as presents at Christmas and I’ve even sold them for $3 a square! Classic PECAN makes it the winner!

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